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We deliver teachings on God, Faith, Christian character, how to serve God, and worship in the best manner through this website. Our passion is to let you know what being christian is all about, and help you be empowered by the word of God.

What we teach

Get to know the aspects outlined above, with well explained articles basing solely the Holy Bible. Each aspect has the sub-menu under the menu "Read Articles" above leading to the articles that talk about it.

Remember, In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

So we don't create the word for you. We only teach you.

Where we get the knowledge

Everything you learn from this site is a lesson from the bible. We do not teach anything from our own imagination nor other people's.

You can even register in advance to secure your domain name. You then ask, why shouldn't we leave you just to study the Holy Bible if everything comes from there? The answer is on the next column.

Why We teach yet it is in the Holy Bible

Well, this is why we are here. We give explanations to verious events, commands given by God, and the atatements directed at everyone who wants to be, or is, a christian. we do not manipulate any verse in the Holy Bible to heart people or
make people happy. We bring it as it is, and explain it to you for better understanding on your side.

Remember, reading is one thing, and understanding is another thing.

Hosanna.media website is not for commercial purposes.
It's designed to prisent knowledge about christianity.

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